Modular is the home of projects by Ed Carter and collaborators.

Ed Carter specialises in devising and creating interdisciplinary projects that are context-specific, with a focus on sound, collaboration, process and technology.

He takes patterns, associations, rhythms and chronology, and uses these to form the structures of new site-specific projects. Much of Ed's work is inspired by the notion employed by architect and composer Iannis Xenakis, who believed a single artistic thought can be represented mathematically through any medium.

His recent projects include Barographic (a composition using atmospheric pressure and architectural form at the Sage Gateshead), The False Light of Durham (a light and music piece filmed in Durham Cathedral, taking rhythms from the region's lighthouses), and ~Flow, a floating timber millhouse on the River Tyne (in collaboration with Owl Project) which housed a series of wooden musical machines which responded to the constantly changing environment of the tidal river, and powered by a 4.5m waterwheel.